So it is quite understandable that we pay a lot of attention to this issue. 

The chef and his team make sure that the children’s menu is balanced and varied every day. In addition to taste preferences, children may have individual nutritional requirements due to their physical condition. Therefore, if necessary, these children follow the recommended diet during their participation in the project. 

Feeding 80-100 children with tasty, healthy, and nutritious meals four times a day is a complex challenge. And we are proud that the chef’s team is doing an excellent job. 

The “Children of War” project is implemented by the SOS Civil Defense Headquarters charitable foundation thanks to a grant from the Children’s Resilience Fund in Ukraine, with financial support from the UBS Optimus Foundation. The program is implemented by Crown Agents International Development (CAID) and UBS Optimus Foundation in partnership with @CrownAgentsinUA.