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The Charity Fund


Honesty. Honesty is the basis of the Organization’s relations with our beneficiaries, partners, colleagues and employees. By honesty, we mean: always telling the truth, being open and honoring agreements. That is why we ensure maximum transparency in our work, openly discuss difficult topics and look for solutions. And that is why our Organization has zero tolerance for untruth, breaking the law and breaking the rules.

Humanity. For our Organization, a person is the highest value. We always treat every beneficiary, employee and partner with respect. We respect the opinions and views of others.

Creating social good. Our Organization helps people in need and creates social good. We always evaluate the social significance of our activities, provide assistance where it is needed, important and the result is tangible. That is why we hire people for whom it is important to help and create social good.

Impartiality. The organization does not make any distinction based on race, religion, class, or political beliefs. We try to alleviate the suffering of people, especially those who need it most.

Neutrality. To maintain public trust, we do not engage in political, racial, religious or ideological disputes.

The Charity Fund “SOS: The Civil Defence Headquarters” works effectively in Kamianets-Podilskyi region in seven functional areas:

1. Contact Centre SOS: 063 0 333 444

A contact centre has been established on the basis of the Charity Fund “SOS: The Civil Defence Headquarters”. The operators of the Contact Centre 24/7 answer the questions that concern migrants who have arrived in Kamianets-Podilskyi: where to settle, where to eat, where to get clothes, personal hygiene items and other household items, and where to get professional psychological help.

2. SOS: IT database of migrants

In order to process huge amounts of information coming to the Contact Centre and provide more effective assistance to those who need it, a secure IT database of IDPs has been created. This allows you to coordinate the actions of different services and respond more quickly to requests. Employers receive up-to-date information about new professionals who have appeared in the city. All information is protected.

3. SOS: Humanitarian Aid Centre

On the basis of the Charity Fund, a humanitarian aid centre was established – the Stock Centre, which receives humanitarian aid from foreign partners and distributes it among IDPs. Up to one thousand and five hundred people are served here every day. The Stock Centre is not just a humanitarian outlet, it is the first social project that promotes the socialization of displaced persons: 13 migrants are employed here. They understand better than anyone those who come here for help.

4. SOS: Arrangement of shelter

Volunteers with the financial support of the Charity Fund “SOS: The Civil Defence Headquarters” set up a reliable bomb shelter that meets all standards and can accommodate the population of the surrounding area. The shelter has three ventilation outlets, two evacuation exits, and the necessary fire extinguishers. For the convenience of citizens, there is a baby care room, a doctor’s office, showers and a lavatory, and an uninterrupted water supply is provided.

5. SOS: Business relocation

The Charity Fund helps migrants move businesses from war-torn regions and locate facilities in Kamianets-Podilskyi and the district. One example is the sewing shop, which moved to Kamianets-Podilskyi from Skadovsk and now sews a number of means of protection: turnstiles, first aid kits, plate holders, etc.

6. SOS: Interaction with UTC (Accommodation assistance)

The Charity Fund “SOS: The Civil Defence Headquarters” helps displaced people not only in Kamianets-Podilskyi, but also in the district. The united territorial communities receive financial support from the fund, which has made it possible to pay rent for IDPs, provide them with food, necessities and equipment.

7. SOS: Media Centre

“SOS Media Centre” is a powerful tool for informing the population of Kamianets-Podilskyi and the district: practical and useful, proven and high-quality information for IDPs from different regions of Ukraine and for locals concerning all urgent questions that arose during the war. The Media Centre creates up-to-date informational, educational and entertainment content for TV and social networks.

The Media Centre includes a production studio that creates content for local TV and video hosting YouTube, as well as a digital department that creates content for the fund’s online sites – Facebook, Instagram, and public messengers – Telegram and Viber.

“SOS: The Civil Defence Headquarters” is a timely comprehensive multi-level assistance to IDPs and citizens in Kamianets-Podilskyi and the district.

⁎ IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons)

⁎UTC (United Territorial Communities)