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The SOS Civil Defense Headquarters Charitable Foundation welcomes all those affected by the war in Ukraine: humanitarian aid to IDPs, psychological rehabilitation of children from the frontline and de-occupied territories, psychosocial assistance to all who need it - we are always there! SOS Civil Defense Headquarters ". » is help to DISPLACEMENTS



The charity fund "SOS Headquarters of Civil Defense" was created in the first days of the full-scale invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine. Concerned people of Kamianets united with active IDPs to help people who came en masse to the rear of Kamianets-Podilskyi, escaping the war. Since March 2022, the foundation has implemented 12 large-scale projects and continues to help people affected by military actions. The main directions of the fund's activities: humanitarian direction, psychosocial support, security direction, information direction, promotion of relocation of businesses from dangerous regions and employment of IDPs.

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SOS-Care 60+

The "SOS-Care 60+" project is aimed at assisting elderly people, both veterans and permanent residents of the Kamianets-Podilskyi district.

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Humanitarian aid

On the basis of the SOS Civil Defense Headquarters charity foundation, the STOK-Center humanitarian aid distribution center for IDPs has been operating since March 2022, which receives humanitarian aid from foreign partners and caring Kamian residents and distributes it among forcibly displaced people.

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The charitable foundation "SOS Civil Defense Headquarters" pays special attention to providing assistance to women from socially vulnerable groups in the population: veterans, single mothers, wives of fallen soldiers, women aged 60+, and women with special needs.

An important task is to overcome the gender imbalance that still exists in Ukrainian society.

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Partner charity program “Children of War”

Relocation of children from front-line settlements, their socialization and improvement of their psychological state through long-term residence with their peers in safe and picturesque areas of western Ukraine. Socialization, recovery and improvement of psychological state without breaking away from education.

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