Customs, beliefs, peculiarities of everyday life – the folk toy has absorbed the most important and valuable things. It seems like a miracle how Ukrainian women carried this tradition through all the hardships – the Holodomor, the war, the working days system, and the total destruction of everything Ukrainian.  

At our Saturday workshops, the women’s club members get acquainted with folk, authentic dolls – perhaps not always perfectly beautiful, but always real, sincere and warm.  And every time each of them makes a special toy.  

At our workshops, you can do anything – decorate as you like, dress as you like. The main thing is a special state of calm and harmony, which is possible only when you are engaged in creativity. 

For some it is new information and skills, for others it is a kind of tactile meditation. And for some, it’s sweet memories of childhood and a connection with their grandchildren.  

Anyway our meetings are always warm, cozy and creative. We invite everyone to our creative classes – the most interesting things are ahead.