During the training, the lightweight shawl becomes heavier with each passing minute, hands tremble, and feet stop obeying. Tetiana rigorously ensures the precision of the moves, so no one  leaves the room until  the movements are performed correctly.

Asynchrony is particularly challenging to execute. The body is trained, new neural connections are formed, and the nervous system is strengthened.

The benefits of dancing cannot be overestimated. They help maintain a healthy weight, improve endurance, and redirect attention from stressful experiences. During the existence of the Women’s Club for Veterans, the girls have already gotten to know each other, found common interests, and now communicate outside of training as well.

The training takes place within the framework of the “Support Program for Women-Veterans “SOS-Women,” implemented by the charitable foundation “SOS Civil Defense Headquarters” with the support of the international fund “Renaissance” and the EU.