Not everyone can get into the adits. The entrance is closed to ordinary curious tourists. It can be dangerous for them, as they can get lost in the tunnels. And most importantly, it can disturb the small vulnerable inhabitants of the tunnels – bats, which are hibernating in winter.  

      The children from Chuhuiv had the opportunity to see the adits from the inside with their own eyes. They learned about the formation of the Podillia Tovtry, the conditions of stone extraction in the adits, and the fauna of Podillia, including bats and their importance to the ecosystem. 

      The “Children of War” project is implemented by the SOS Civil Defense Headquarters charitable foundation thanks to a grant from the Children’s Resilience Fund in Ukraine, with financial support from the UBS Optimus Foundation. The program is implemented by Crown Agents International Development (CAID) and UBS Optimus Foundation in partnership with @CrownAgentsinUA.