We are sporty! Oriental dancing, powerlifting, badminton, table tennis, dance fitness, Nordic walking – the girls have tried what they have been dreaming of for years! And for some of them, physical activity has already become a new healthy habit.

We are talented! Creative classes were organized to familiarize women with various types of applied art and aimed at harmonizing their psycho-emotional state. Now many of the girls have new hobbies, and their works are impressive and a source of pride!

We are ready for new things, for changes, for learning! The Women’s Club organizes seminars on business development, grant opportunities, social media, and Petrykivka painting courses. 

We support each other. Each request was answered by the club members, whether it was legal advice, psychological training, or ordinary household advice. Each problem becomes more difficult in times of war, but together we cope.

We are active tourists! Whether it’s a tour of Kamianets, a full-day bus tour, or an incredible hike – our active girls are ready for any adventure!

We are environmentalists! It has become a good habit for many of our girls to participate in clean-ups and events to clean up the picturesque places of Kamianets-Podilskyi, Bakota, and Subich.

We are Strong!!! Even when we think we are not. We congratulate every member of our Women’s Club! Everyone who supported our events as a coach, speaker or participant.  And, of course, we congratulate Hanna Dubovska, whose enthusiasm, perseverance, and humanity have allowed this project to emerge and work effectively for a whole year!

Write in the comments what “we” are for you, what this year has been like, what you remember most, and what else you would like to see in our wonderful community.