Hanna Dubovska, project manager at the SOS Civil Defense Center, lived in Irpin and worked for the ICTV  channel. 

Oleksandr Nesterov, SMM specialist – lived in Kramatorsk, worked in television. 

Nicholas Kozin, videographer – until February 24, 2022, lived in Mariupol, worked for Mariupol television.  

Alisa Kaliuzhna, office manager, facilitator – lived in Kharkiv, worked in a publishing house. 

Polina Geraseva, statistics and reporting manager – lived in Kharkiv, student. 

Natalia Logunova, humanitarian manager – lived in Sievierodonetsk, worked as a software engineer.

Tetyana Ogloblina, journalist, communications manager, art therapist – lived in Kharkiv, led a folk art group. 

Alla Konstantynova, dance fitness trainer – lived in Kharkiv, a process engineer. 

Vitaliy Shnaidruk, curator of the medical department, an obstetrician-gynecologist- lived in Dniprorudne 

Each of them had their own difficult path to the SOS Civil Defense Headquarters charitable foundation. And today they are united by a common goal – to help those in need.