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Media Centre

At the end of March 2022, a media centre was established in Kamianets-Podilskyi on the basis of the Charity Fund, the purpose of which is to timely and qualitatively inform the population of the region (IDPs from different regions of Ukraine and local residents) on all issues that became especially relevant during the war.

The mission of the Media Centre is to provide reliable, practical information to temporary and permanent residents of Kamianets-Podilskyi district through optimal resources, as well as to create and develop quality platforms for dialogue and mutual support between migrants and citizens, local and business authorities, leaders of thoughts and experts.

The Media Centre creates up-to-date informational, educational and entertainment content for TV and social networks.

The Media Centre includes a production studio that creates content for local TV and video hosting YouTube, as well as a digital department that creates content for the fund’s online sites – Facebook, Instagram, and public messengers – Telegram and Viber.

The production studio creates video content under the following headings:

“SOS: Тоloka”. The presenter is Pavlo Melnychuk. Interviews on current topics with local and district authorities, businessmen, opinion leaders, experts / specialists in various socially important fields.

“SOS: News”. The presenter is Kateryna Anosova. It informs daily about the events of Kamianets-Podilskyi and the district, as well as covers the brightest events in Ukraine and the world.

“SOS: We are close”. The presenters are Tetiana Mikhina and Kateryna Anosova. Heart-to-heart conversations with interesting guests from the townspeople and IDPs, who share unique stories, experiences and professional knowledge.

SOS: Adviser”. Useful tips from experts to help you feel confident in times of temporary uncertainty and teach you how to act in situations that threaten your health and life.

“SOS: Wings”. A column for the soul: celebrities and just talented concerned citizens read poems about the war and share their own experience of collectively significant events. Here you can find important words-remedy and words-weapons.

“SOS: Chornobaiky”. This is a real Ukrainian “hertz” (fight), a sharp Ukrainian sense of humour that saves from despair and despondency. Ukrainians are invincible, because they not only fight bravely, but also laugh bravely at the enemy!

Telegram of the Charity Fund “SOS: Civil Defence Headquarters” is a channel of practical and useful news for the population during the war.

Channel navigation:

#SOSсвоїлюди / #SOSourpeople – stories of those who are approaching our common Victory: volunteers, public figures of Kamianets-Podilskyi, caring active citizens. Every story, every struggle is unique. They help, support, inspire… they live it;

#SOSновини / #SOSnews – a feed of the most up-to-date regional news with the indication of practically useful information;

#SOSбезпека / #SOSsecurity – warnings about new types of threats to civilians during the war, recommendations for self-defense and instruction in actions in case of imminent danger;

#SOSпоради / #SOSadviser – applied advice from experts in relevant fields (psychologists, doctors, ecologists, tax specialists, etc.);

#SOSанонси / #SOSannouncements – announcements of online and offline events in the city and region; TV announcements;

#SOSінфо / #SOSinfo – up-to-date practical information for IDPs and locals; updating information on the work schedule and receipt of humanitarian aid to the city’s volunteer centres, work schedules of clubs for children and teenagers; urgent information on changes in legislation during martial law, etc.;

#SOSпаляниця / #SOSpalianytsia – cognitive and entertaining section that contributes to the deepening of knowledge of the state language, expanding the vocabulary of the population, enriching the arsenal of catchphrases, proverbs and sayings and promoting the use of Ukrainian in everyday life;

#SOSчасопис / #SOSсhronicle – informative and entertaining column, which in a convenient, unobtrusive format tells the story of our people and our country every day, also here you will find interesting facts from the history of the native Kamianets-Podilskyi region.

The fund’s activities, regional news, TV announcements, and up-to-date information for IDPs and locals are published on the fund’s Facebook page.

The Charity Fund’s online sites also have a lot of exclusive photo and video content of regional and national importance.