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    Motoball, or motorcycle football, is not part of the regular event schedule, as competitions and meetings take place according to their own sports schedule.

    This time, we were lucky – the children were able to support the Podil team, which has existed for over 50 years. They have also learnt some interesting facts about this sport, which is considered purely European and combines elements of football, hockey, and handball.

     Time in the stands flew by unnoticed for both boys and girls. We hope that now there are more enthusiasts of this unusual but very interesting, dynamic, and spectacular sport.      The “Children of War” project is implemented by the Charitable Foundation “SOS Civil Defense Headquarters” thanks to a grant from the Children’s Resilience Fund in Ukraine within the financial support of the UBS Optimus Foundation. The program is implemented by Crown Agents International Development (CAID) and UBS Optimus Foundation in partnership with @CrownAgentsinUA.