It was conducted by Andriy Hadai, a trainer from the School of Traditional Martial Arts “Spas.” General rules of behavior in dangerous situations, how to recognize when a situation is unsafe, where and how to strike to disorient the attacker and have time to escape – we hope that this knowledge will never be needed in real life. But we are confident that in case of danger, it will help not to freeze and act because in a stressful situation, it is sometimes difficult to even scream.

Moreover, self-defense for women is the best way to cope with stress through the body. Feeling strong and confident, regaining control over one’s body and life, releasing aggression.

Aggression exists in each of us, even if it seems like it’s not there. Our lives were stolen; we were forced out of our usual safe environment, and many had to leave their homes, saving their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Aggression is a normal and correct reaction to the events we experience every day, and it is crucial to release it correctly and safely.

We learn to use our negative emotions to our advantage. It is a powerful resource that can help in crisis situations.

So, we invite everyone interested to self-defense training. The schedule will be announced on social media.

Grateful to the School of Traditional Martial Arts “Spas” for supporting the “SOS-Women” project.