This simple but very meditative technique helped the children from Novohrodivka to relax and immerse themselves in creativity.  

    In the center of the design, a pattern is formed that looks like a camera aperture. We capture every bright moment, every sincere smile of these children, so that there are as many good memories of their childhood as possible! 

    The volunteers of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society know how to work with children so that they can relax and be distracted. Regular partners of the project, they have already conducted many classes and trainings on various topics, such as creativity, first aid, and life skills training.  

   The “Children of War” project is implemented by the SOS Civil Defense Headquarters charitable foundation thanks to a grant from the Children’s Resilience Fund in Ukraine, with financial support from the UBS Optimus Foundation. The program is implemented by Crown Agents International Development (CAID) and UBS Optimus Foundation in partnership with @CrownAgentsinUA.