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Workers and volunteers of the ‘SOS Civil Defense Headquarters’ are rightfully proud of  impressive volumes of humanitarian aid received by IDPs since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, thanks to this charitable foundation.

But against the backdrop of large-scale projects, small-scale initiatives, where relatively few people can be present, are no less valuable. Helping those in need to recover was the goal of the psychological training ‘My Resource – Womanhood,’ conducted as part of the ‘Support Program for Women-IDPs “SOS-Women” project.

How to support oneself in difficult situations, how to find strength, how to continue living a full and fulfilling life in times of war – these and many other questions were answered by practicing psychologist Yevgenia Alexandruk. Participants of the training noted the healing effect of an incredibly warm atmosphere and the safe interaction among women-IDPs, each with their own unique experiences but united by the pain that is understandable to all of them.

For any inquiries, please call +38 067 384 4344