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The charitable foundation “SOS Civil Defense Headquarters” pays special attention to providing assistance to women from socially vulnerable groups in the population: veterans, single mothers, wives of fallen soldiers, women aged 60+, and women with special needs.

An important task is to overcome the gender imbalance that still exists in Ukrainian society.

Assistance to women in these groups is provided through several directions:

  1. Humanitarian (provision of humanitarian aid, improvement of living conditions).
  2. Psychological and psychosocial (psychological training and individual consultations with psychologists, art therapy sessions,  participation in cultural and educational events, excursions, including hiking excursions, creative workshops, sports, and dance as tools for psychosocial support).
  3. Legal assistance.
  4. Assistance in resolving healthcare issues for female veterans and their children.
  5. Promoting participation of female veterans in community decision-making (involvement in volunteer initiatives and selection of the most active representatives for volunteering in the Volunteer Council).
  6. Enhancing competitiveness ( courses to acquire professional skills and training for women aged 60+ in computer literacy and social media usage).

Within the Women Support Program, there is a “Women’s Club for Veterans.”

The project is supported by the international fund “Revival” and the European Union.

The International Fund “Revival” is one of the largest charitable foundations in Ukraine, which has been helping to develop an open society in Ukraine based on democratic values since 1990. During its activities, the Fund has supported nearly 20,000 projects with a total amount exceeding 350 million USD.

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