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     The first thing the “Children of War” project team must take care of when meeting children from the front-line and de-occupied territories is healthy, balanced nutrition. This is the key to a good mood and the energy needed for all the activities planned for the children.

     Psychological rehabilitation lasts for 30 days, and providing breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner for 80 children every day is a challenging and costly task. However, thanks to the partners of the charitable foundation “SOS Civil Defense Headquarters,” project participants are always well-fed. Even during off-site events, organizers prioritize the children’s meals.

     Parents sending their children to Kamianets-Podilsky can be assured – the menu is developed by professional dietitians and meals are scheduled.  If a child needs a diet adjustment due to health conditions, the chefs prepare it upon individual request.

“The Children of War” project is supported by RAZOM. ( #razomgrants #RazomRelief

     Each one of you can help the “SOS Civil Defense Headquarters” charitable foundation in welcoming as many children as possible from the front-line and de-occupied territories to the rear base in Kamianets-Podilsky. The “Children of War” project is charitable and requires your support! Follow the link to provide financial assistance: