Signing of Memorandum with the public organization “International Club of Business People”

The SOS: Civil Defence Headquarters Charity Fund and the International Business People’s Club signed an agreement on cooperation in the formation and provision of humanitarian aid, work, services from foreign and domestic donors to the needy civilian population of Ukraine affected with the war.

The document also regulates cooperation in the aspect of preparation for armed defence against the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against the Ukrainian people and the state.

From now on, these organizations will provide mutual methodological, scientific, practical, resource, organizational support and financial security for the implementation of joint projects.

This cooperation became possible thanks to the SaveUkraine volunteer movement, which brings together the forces and resources of various charitable organizations in Ukraine. The SaveUkraine team consists of top managers who have significant successful experience in creating and developing ambitious projects, where the ultimate motivation is the love of freedom and respect for human rights.

Among the key goals of this volunteer movement are the need to help the maximum number of victims of Russian aggression and the effective implementation of significant humanitarian programs by world standards, including transparency of reporting, high indicators of effectiveness and personal responsibility.

We believe in effective synergy of professional efforts and productivity of cooperation between organizations!