Maliivtsi know how to surprise! They know how to envelop you with care and make you fall in love with the landscapes, air, and customs of Podillia. The excursion to the Palace of Orlovskih in Maliivtsi for boys and girls from Dergachi, Kharkiv Oblast, on the eve of Easter turned out to be amazing, healing, and delicious.

The children not only saw all the stages of making the most sacred pastry for the Ukrainian people – Easter cake – but also directly joined this sacred process.

The children waited patiently until the delicacies were done baking and tasted the most delicious Easter cake in their lives – kneaded with their own hands in ancient kneading trough, baked in a real stove. It tasted fresh, sweet and fragrant.

The children returned to Kamianets well-fed, soaked in the sun, drunk with the air intoxicating spring blossoms, and with delicious treats. For a whole day, tender children’s souls, traumatized by the war, found themselves in another reality, where there is peace, tranquility and safety.

We are sincerely grateful to the Malievets Regional Historical and Cultural Museum and its director Anastasia Donets for their hospitality.